I just begun to my totally new blog.

Hopefully it is the start of a wonderful journey!

Welcome to the fairy tale of SingingScarves –  living in the moment, in ballance with nature, creating one of the kind meaningful gifts full of true love and care, slow fashion that can be sherished for years.

BUT to do this, I firstly have to manage to create this web page. Right now it seems to be extremely difficult. But painting on silk seemed to me quite a mission impossible too 21 years ago – I had a lot of painting experience with watercolour and some with oil and acrylics, but on silk everything seemed to fuse and move freely whenever the dye wanted to. The same here I am trying to create pages and posts, but they get “lost” somewhere. . . sometimes permanently (probalbly I just did not save), sometimes they appear later. . . But I know this is a learnable magic and easier to master as silk art.


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