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You deserve a Christmas gift

Are you one of those who always cares for others, and is ready to invest a lot of time and effort to create perfect Christmas gifts? If you choose a gift for someone you care about from SingingScarves, I will creat YOU a gift too! Because you deserve it! It will be a custom name scarf full of love in your colours and with … Read More You deserve a Christmas gift


How to make good photos of my scarves?

THIS is the question! When creating one-of-a-kind silk art, I need to make new photos of each of my scarves. And not just one – many good photos are needed, it would be perfect to have pictures of the whole design, pictures of the scarf on a model on mannequin, photos of details, photos of creating process. Painting is something I really enjoy, it … Read More How to make good photos of my scarves?


My new web shop

It is finally up! My new web shop! If you happen to read this post (my blog is not promoted yet, so – you are one of my rare visitors), then I am sure it is not a coincidence – you may need something into your life I can bring with my silk art, and I surely need your help by testing, DOES it … Read More My new web shop


Mothers Days Sale 2021

The Mothers Days in different countries start to begin. In Estonia it is the second Sunday of May, in Lithaunia the first Sunday, in Poland the third. . . But there is not just day – moms need attention all the time, and they deserve to be hugged every day. Last year I hosted my very first Mothers Day e-sale (because we all were … Read More Mothers Days Sale 2021

Merry Christmas!

I made a special multilingual Christmas greeting for you! When I was child, Christmas were not celebrated oficcially – they were an ordinary working day in Soviet Union.Still – they were not forbidden too. My grandma always brought in some evergreen branches (the trees were sold later, to celebrate New Year), and sang Christmas song, so I knew these songs.When me and my friend … Read More Merry Christmas!

The Healing Energy scarves

My friend from Island, a yoga teacher Ragnhildur, asked me, if I can create strong healing energy scarves. I have always known that my silk art carries some special energy. But is it strong healing energy? I tried to concentrate on it, and in some cases, I really succeeded!

New Year New Start!

Can you see the fruits of this rich garden! My silk painting year has been fruitful too. So a new attempt to bring this page the life, to learn to share my story and the love painted into my scarves. This square scarf was painted as a gift for a naighbour who love. . . guess what? Gardenign of course! A little dachshund is … Read More New Year New Start!


My new web page

My new web page brings custom meaningful gift closer as ever. If you need a silky gift for someone you care about: created by an experienced silk artist created for this person only truly one-of-the-kind loaded with the positive energy of songs Then pick up my Custom Singing Silk Scarf with special price! You will get a piece of wearable art, slow fashion to … Read More My new web page


Just trying to figure out how it works

Just created a new WordPress page. I have created some project pages before in FP and this environment seemed to be very intuitive. But today I feel my intuition is leading me . . . to the forest. . . or even swamp. The places I love to be, but only if I know how to get out of it too. Right now – … Read More Just trying to figure out how it works


The Journey Begins

I just begun to my totally new blog. Hopefully it is the start of a wonderful journey! Welcome to the fairy tale of SingingScarves –  living in the moment, in ballance with nature, creating one of the kind meaningful gifts full of true love and care, slow fashion that can be sherished for years. BUT to do this, I firstly have to manage to … Read More The Journey Begins