I am Maria, Ott’s daughter.  My grand grandmother was also Maria, Ott’s daughter, and she was a wise-woman. My father named me after her. Becoming a mother by myself made me more aware of my wishes, dreams, and abilities.

I call my scarves Singing Scarves because quite often I sing while painting them.

In old Estonian and other Finno-Ugric tales the power of song is very strong – it is possible to influence the people and the cattle and the nature, it is possible to create new worlds with the power of song. Those folk tales carry the wisdom of centuries and Estonian people have not forgotten them – the power of song is still alive in our culture. . .and I am proud to be an Estonian.

I have painted silk and sharing them for a long time already. Some people who are wearing my scarves have said to me that they have felt some positive energy. Firstly I took it just as a nice compliment, but because different people said this quite unusual thing in different times and places, it seemed to me, that it might be more than just a coincidence. So I begun to “code” my scarves with special wishes – like using bright colors and bold motives to  add some extra courage, or painting a scarf that “reminds” the wearer to enjoy only healthy food (and “forget” the unhealthy and fat-making stuff).

The results have been quite amazing so far, but I don’t think the scarves play the major role here. Actually – I think that it is just the question of personal faith. If a shy person really believes that a scarf can make her less shy then she can act braver. And wearing an eye catching ornament adds some extra positive attention and helps to overcome the shyness. The similar auto-suggestive power may work with the scarves that “help” to avoid junk-food – if the person who wears it, believes it is possible, even if she just thinks more about that issue, it might be the first step to better eating habits and therefore getting also fitter and more attractive.

So I am not doing any black of white “magic”

I am just the mediator between your good wishes to someone special (incl. yourself – someone really special ; )), and the person who will be wearing the scarf, and for this mediation I am using the gift of God (or Nature if you would like to call it that way).