This year had been a strange one. When did you meet those you love, and when did you had the chance to properly hug them?

A personal Singing Scarf full of positive energy & hugs will make a great Chrismas gift, via this scarf you can send the hugs to those you love even though you may be parted.

I will introduce a collection of artscarves in different colours and motifs.

On 22.11 the Winter Sale opens with special winter prices (you can save 30 to 60 EUR, if buying more, even up to 110 EUR!).

There will be only originals, each scarf will be personalized by your ideas (writing a name, a quote, some good words on it) for no extra cost, International fast and safe shipping is also included!

Experiment – does the PayPal button work?

Would you like to get this piece of Very Young art created by my daughter just in the cost of shipping? You are welcome to be my first customer and try it out!

22,00 €

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