I was so lucky to come across the artist Maria Jürimäe on facebook, where she was showing her skarfs.

As soon as I saw how she handled each veil individually and processed it based on information about the people she is creating it for, I was completely fascinated. Everywhere she uses nature, dance, song and the environment are unique and this healing power that is created is incredible. The sensitivity and healing energy she conveys with the artwork she designs is very pure and clear. The power of nature and the flow she allows herself to be in, reflect a great design that is unique to Maria.

Power, flow, healing, lightness and this unique creation characterize her work. Imagine if you met Mari and experienced this unique talent and sensitivity that she puts into creating art and you have it at your home or to your body. It is just one design of each work of art. It is amazing. Follow your intuition and I highly recommend her artwork and her courses.

Love to you Maria and thanks for being you, fantastic artist and allow me to experience this unique design. The skarfs I have from you are unique and special made for me. Magic! Light and Love Ragnhildur