Snowy Christmas tree art scarf


Do you love winter and Christmas time, and would like to carry this feeling near you all year along?

This snowy Christmas Trees artscarf is just perfect accessory for winter and celebrations.

It’s unique cool design guarantees immediate attention and even compliments.

The scarf is painted with the enchantment of song and in a snowy Nordic environment.

The scarf is large, 45 x 180 cm / 17 x 72 inches, hand painted with steam set silk dyes and white textile paint, that feels a bit heavier (like the snow feels on the trees :)). The scarf is hand hemmed, a signed original by the artist.

As a bonus I’ll write suggested names or quotes of your choice without no extra fee. Fast and safe DHL shipping Worldwide is also included!


Feel the winter magic near you! With this scarf you can do it even in summer 🙂


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