A small Flow scarf


A wide range of smaller size Flow scarves. Pick your favourite!

When I am painting and singing, I am directly connected with the Divine, and the connection becomes part of my creation.
Every Flow Scarf is created freehand, often with the help of co-artists, such as silk canvas, summer rain, and the wind.

Throughout my 25 years of silk painting, I have created a lot of Flow Scarves. Creating them has been super enjoyable, and seemingly effortless.

But making good photos of them is not that easy. So here is my special offer – if you purchase your Flow Scarf, I will meet you personally on Zoom, and we will find the scarf that matches your taste and personality. People just recognise the right scarf when they see it!

And if you do NOT recognize your scarf, you can describe the desired feelings and colours,  I will CREATE it just for you!


A variety of smaller size (35 x 130 cm/ 14 x 51 inches) Flow scarves.  Pick your favourite, and if it is not there, I will create it just for you!

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 135 × 35 cm


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