1001 Nights Series. The 1st Night “The Start of New Hope”


The very first scarf of my 1001 Nights Series.

The 1st Night “The Start of New Hope”. It is created in two years – started in the end of 2020, and finished in 2021.

This scarf is a concentrate of meditative energy – painting it took more than 30 hours, and it has so many layers of silk dye and gutta, and the tiniest linework that possibly can be done on silk.

At the same time the scarf is painted intuitively, following the “ideas” of silk and dye – if a line went wider in one side, I “grew” it at the other side too (because the design is symmetrical, still – not identical, you can clearely see, that it is created freehand and without measuring).

This scarf can be used near you to feel this special energy or exposed as a wall hanging  – to see it, because all these patterns, lines and washes create magical energy while observed.

I can personalise the scarf by writing a name, a quote, a date, etc on it – it is for no extra cost.

International DHL shipping is also included – it is super fast, cool to track, and safe. So if you need a really special gift FAST, it arrives the major cities of the World in just one working day!


The first scarf of my 1001 Nights Series – the scarves that take crazy amount of time and energy to create them. . . but at the same time they are filled with this special energy.

The 1st Night “The Start of New Hope”.

All the scarves form 1001 Night Series are much more time consuming, as my usual scarves. At the same time they are all painted intuitively.
The design may look symmetrical at the first sight, still the sides of this scarf are not identical, when you observe it with more care, you can clearely see it.


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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 180 × 45 cm


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