THIS is the question!

When creating one-of-a-kind silk art, I need to make new photos of each of my scarves. And not just one – many good photos are needed, it would be perfect to have pictures of the whole design, pictures of the scarf on a model on mannequin, photos of details, photos of creating process.

Painting is something I really enjoy, it is so easy and rewarding.

Making photos is something different. When I started I tried to capture the whole scarves. It was the easiest task when they were still on the painting frame. . . but because steam-setting changes the intensity of colours, I had to re-attach them on the frame. Making pics of chiffon scarves was still challenging because they are so transparent.

Later I had the possibility to use black mannequin by my friend Tiiu. I have made a lot of photos with it. Some of them are good, some are not. . . because Estonian light is not very good, especially from October to April.

When it is sunny, it gives a good mood. . . but cheats terribly the colours – the background wall is naturally white, but you can see from these pics, how it may look.

When it is cloudy it is even worse – all shades are gray and sad.

For the opening of my new web shop I visited Katrin Visnapuu Photography studio, and she did some cool pics of me with my scarves. These photos are much better of course! But – if each of my scarves is a one-of-a-kind original, then going to studio with each of them does not seem reasonable?

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