It is finally up! My new web shop!

If you happen to read this post (my blog is not promoted yet, so – you are one of my rare visitors), then I am sure it is not a coincidence – you may need something into your life I can bring with my silk art, and I surely need your help by testing, DOES it work! In my shop there are a few scarves with really good prices – specially listed for my first test customers.

And it is not all! I would like to also test how the discount codes work.

So do not hesitate to contact me, using the form under this post or just my e-mail and I will send you a special code to make the prices even better. It is once-in-a-lifetime chance, because my scarves are all original pieces of wearable art, and worth more than money can measure. At the same time – I am very generous person, and love to make gifts, and I really love my customers, especially the first risk-takers (Because it IS possible, that the check-out does not work or the payment does not get throught etc. But do not worry – you may loose some time, but you have much more to win).

Sisterhood scarf

I am not sure if everything works, because I set up the shop by myself.

I planned to do it by myself from the beginning . . . but doing something in the first time can be quite challenging. . . so I thought – maybe it is better to buy the service or outscoure it? I was browsing in Internet, sent some questions to local and International people. It seemed to me, that locals web developers charge too much – most of the things they offer I could do by myself too, just a bit help would be needed. International offers were good, some of them really well-priced. . . but setting up my store meant I needed to share the password of my web page with them, and my PayPal. . . and it seemed scary.

And the announced magic date 7.7 came nearer and nearer, and I knew that it brings good luck. So finally I just had to set it up by myself, because there was no time to ask for someone else to help me. And I did it!

Please contact me if you are interested in special opening discount code valit till July 14!

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