The Mothers Days in different countries start to begin. In Estonia it is the second Sunday of May, in Lithaunia the first Sunday, in Poland the third. . .

But there is not just day – moms need attention all the time, and they deserve to be hugged every day.

Last year I hosted my very first Mothers Day e-sale (because we all were locked down), and it worked surprisingly well. So I will make it a tradition – every spring I will offer a number of scarves with special price. Each of them one of a kind, and each available with super price – EUR 58. This number has chosen to honour the memory of my mom, who lived just 58 years. In summer it will be 21 years from her deadh, so 21 scarves are available this year.

These prices are rare – I will offer a limited collection each year on Mothers Day, and the Birthday of my mom on September 5.

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