I made a special multilingual Christmas greeting for you!

When I was child, Christmas were not celebrated oficcially – they were an ordinary working day in Soviet Union.Still – they were not forbidden too. My grandma always brought in some evergreen branches (the trees were sold later, to celebrate New Year), and sang Christmas song, so I knew these songs.When me and my friend went to school, we started to sing in a girls ensemble. The rehearsals were near a church, and one was on Christmas eve. When we stepped by, the church was full of people, candle light, magic.We stepped in, and got a leaflet with the words. . .of my grandma’s songs!So we started to go to Christmas church yearly – it was almost forbidden, but SOOO beautiful! 😍😍😍

This year I missed it. . .but I sang all these songs under our Christmas tree. I know them by heart!

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