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If someone does something with certain feelings then some of those emotions and ideas will be "accumulated" in his or her work, and they could be felt by the other people who see or use the results of work. 

Do you think, that it might be true?

I do. 

If something is done with love and devotion, it could be "felt" by sensitive people. And if someone thinks personally about a special person and creates something especially for him or her, it adds this thing a value that could be not measured in money.

And in opposite - if something is done simply because of money, as quickly and cheaply as possible, than it also creates a certain culture of things. A culture of having a lot of them and wanting more, and getting rid of new things quickly, and throwing them away to make place to some newer. 

At the very beginning of my silk painting I knew that I would never become a handworker who has ten frames with silk in a row and who moves as quickly as possible from one to another to create ten similar scarves with minimal amount of time to make them as cheap as possible.

I like to meditate with one scarf for days, sometimes for weeks and more. I also like to sing while drawing. I am an Estonian, and in our culture singing plays a very important role - our song festivals are world famous, it might be said that we sang us free from Soviet Union. I think that the positive spirit of my songs, the time of meditation and the pure joy of painting somehow accumulates in my scarves. 

Singing scarves represent a different culture of things that is quite rare in today's world. 


    Singing scarves can carry the value that is not measurable in money